• I am a passionate, experienced trainer.

  • I will help you build a great relationship with your dog.

  • I am qualified and am always learning with continued training and education.

  • We will work together as a team on the best solution to suit your unique and individual situation.

  • I can assist you with vet visits, making them a less stressful experience for all.

  • Low stress handling.

  • ​I am a member of the Delta Institute enabling me to :

    • promote force free, rewards based training which aligns with my philosophy of no harm.
      Understand the science of dog training and the latest methods to ensure success.

    • Member of numerous groups.
      Access to Webinar’s for continuing education


  • I am a Fear Free​ Certified Professional

  • I am also a member of the Professional Pet Guild of Australia, and APDT Australia.

Established in 2018, InSync Pet Services works with you to teach you how your dog learns, how to teach the desired skills and behaviour, all while taking into consideration your unique situation, your experience and your dog’s personality and develop a plan and strategies that is best for you. 


I am passionate about using rewards based training to build a strong positive relationship rewarding your dogs for the right behaviours. I love training your dogs in behaviours and skills that enable them to live in harmony in our homes, who are well socialised through quality interactions. This enables dogs to cope with their environment and live in ours.