Training our dogs in behaviours and skills that enable them to live in harmony in our homes, who are well socialised through quality interactions enabling them to cope with their environment and live in ours. InSync Pet Services provides a range of options for training your dog.



90 minutes: $250

A behaviour consultation covers a broad range of problem behaviours such as jumping, lead reactivity, digging, barking and more.  The session is a 1.5 hour consultation where we discuss the issues, develop a management plan and a training plan.  Also included is relevant hands on practical instruction.

I provide a written report of our discussion, including all relevant handouts and the training instructions.



Various Prices

Do you have trouble finding a class that suits your availability, do you work different shifts or have children to look after?  If so, these sessions are designed for you. 


Each session is tailored to the skills you would specifically like to train, such as basic skills, loose lead walking, recall plus more.  They can be in the comfort of your own home or at various locations with the days and times flexible to suit your individual situation.  You can book one session or a block of four, each session comes with a written report and relevant handouts.


Loosen that lead!

Loose Lead Walking

Does you dog drag you down the street?  Does it feel like they are taking you for a walk instead?  Do they ignore you when you walk out the front door?  I have a program specifically developed to teach your dog to walk nicely on lead, making walking a pleasant experience for you and your dog.


Each session is tailored to your individual situation, the trainings starts in a low distraction environment and over the sessions we increase the distractions in their environment.  We work on engagement, reward the right behaviours but we also introduce strategies of how to manage any pulling on the lead and manage distractions in their environment such as people or other dogs.  You can also add skills such as come when called, which is practiced in a safe area using a long lead.


Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs on lead, making it stressful and difficult to walk them?

As an additional option you can add the reactivity component to the one on one sessions.   This add-on specifically works on reducing behaviours such as growling, lunging and barking by building your dog’s confidence around their triggers.  The triggers can be dogs behind fences, other dogs on lead or people.  We work together, establishing a training distance, introduce the relevant skills and practice management strategies if a trigger is too close.


The sessions can be in a variety of locations or in your local area and all of the sessions come with a written report and relevant handouts.



5 weeks: $200.00  |  6 weeks: $240.00

Puppy Pre-school classes are run  in a clean and safe environment at Coorparoo Vet Clinic and Ferny Grove over 5 weeks.  The class covers basic skills, relevant puppy education, and includes puppy play by building their confidence with other puppies matching their personality.  

My Life Skills Class is held in Mitchelton and is suitable for any dogs over 16 weeks of age.  This is a six week course covering a broad range of skills outdoors, giving your dog an opportunity to learn in real life scenarios.

All these classes include relevant education, basic skills such as sit, drop, stay, wait, go to mat and how to settle.  In the life skills class we also cover recall and loose lead walking and how to manage your dog with distractions around.   


Online Consultations

Various Prices

This is a new service that I now offer to new and existing clients and it is available for one on one skill training and behaviour consultations.  This is available to anyone who has access to the internet with the session to be held on your chosen platform, such as Zoom, Messenger, FaceTime or Skype. 


These sessions are perfect for those who are self-isolating but also where distance and availability is an issue.  The great news is that this service will continue once restrictions are lifted and is available for anyone regardless of your location.  Prices vary for this service so contact me directly for further information.


Online Training Course - Good Dog Level 1


I am so excited to announce that you can now train with me regardless of your location.  The Good Dog Level 1 course is a 6 week online course that covers a variety of skills such as such as how to chill, loose lead walking, come when called and more. For a full list of skills just click on the link for details. 

Once signed up you work through the lessons provided by world renowned trainers in the comfort of your own home working at a pace that suits your current situation, only requiring a few minutes of your time each day.  As part of the course you will have access to a Private Facebook Group where there will be support from me and others participating in the course.  The great part is that you can watch the videos as many times as you need to as the course is for life. So if time gets away from you, it’s ok, you can catch up.

Once signed up you will receive details of the Facebook group and a welcome pack with information with details of the handout’s available, how to reward our dog using treats and what is a marker word.

Follow up sessions are available either online or in person to work through any challenges you have or if you would like to expand on their current skills. 

For further information, please get in touch, or click the link below.


I am passionate about helping you develop a great relationship with your pets, one that is built on trust. By learning and understanding how our dogs feel by reading their body language, give them an opportunity to have a choice, to choose their interactions and let their personality shine. 


Each dog is an individual and they all have their own story and their own needs. I'd love to meet your dog and work with you so you and your best friend can live together in harmony.


I believe in training our dogs using rewards based training methods, I use positive reinforcement and reward appropriate behaviour using high reinforcement.